Zeetta in a EU project to develop 5G solutions

by Paul Cooper |



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Zeetta in a EU project to develop 5G solutions

This article was first published at BBP Media on June 14, 2017


Zeetta Networks is a winning participant in a new EU project totalling almost €8m to advance new generations of 5G wireless infrastructure supporting new business and service models addressing vertical markets. The project, 5G-PICTURE, is a collaboration between leading tech and telecoms firms, such as Huawei and Telecoms Italia, and prominent research institutions in Europe such as Universities of Bristol and Dresden. On completion, this proposal will make a significant impact in the competitiveness of European 5G solutions.

The project has been proposed against an explosive growth of mobile internet traffic which necessitates a move from traditional closed, static and inelastic network infrastructures to open, scalable and elastic ecosystems supporting new types of connectivity, high mobility and new services for operators, vendors and vertical industries.

5G-PICTURE will exploit flexible functional splits that can be dynamically selected, to optimise resource and energy efficiency. This new solution will enable provisioning of any service by flexibly mixing-and-matching network, computer and storage resources without sacrificing performance or efficiency in current solutions.

To validate these capabilities, 5G-PICTURE will demonstrate converged front haul and backhaul services in: a) a smart city environment, b) a 5G railway experimental test bed and c) a stadium with ultra-high user density, supporting media services.

In response to the news of the successful bid, Vassilis Seferidis, CEO of Zeetta Networks said:

“The Zeetta team is thrilled to be involved in this innovative project, alongside global companies and leading European research institutions, to demonstrate the benefits of the project’s 5G solution to businesses in three very different vertical markets.

“The three proof-of-concepts in real environments was noted by the evaluators of the project as particularly useful in validating new 5G technologies. One of these includes a high user-density stadium, which allows Zeetta to build on our cutting-edge Wi-Fi project with Bristol Sport and Ashton Gate Stadium to use our NetOS® Software Defined Networking technology to ‘slice’ the 5G network in order to meet the needs of the users.”

The project aspires to make a major contribution to the emerging 5G standards. Moreover, in order to maximize the adoption of the project’s solutions, data sets will be made publicly accessible, including metadata, and software will be released as open source while protecting any existing intellectual property rights.

Find out more about Zeetta Networks’ advanced networking software on their website (www.zeetta.com) or follow on Twitter via @ZeettaNetworks.