Zeetta featured in the 'Innovations of the World'

by Paul Cooper |



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Zeetta Networks – The future of Networks

The following is Zeetta’s entry  in the latest edition of the ‘Innovations of the World 2019’.



Creating Networks of the Future

At Zeetta Networks, we believe quite simply that, “Today, as an industry, we’re doing networks wrong!”  Today, networks dictate how a service works. In the future, the requirements of the service will dictate the parameters of the network. This concept is known as “software-defined networking”. It has the potential to revolutionise communication and connectivity and Zeetta Networks is leading the development of software-defined-network in local-area networks. We’re building the networks of the future.



Bristol-born and Bristol bred…
Zeetta Networks was formed in 2015 by a group of scientists and academics from the University of Bristol’s High-Performance Networks Group who combined key IPR and patents with open source software to create NetOS®: a product for managing, provisioning, and monitoring enterprise networks. Over the next four years, the company has been joined by a strong industry team that has focused on commercialising NetOS®, launching two solutions NetOS® Enterprise and NetOS® Rapide™ for the enterprise, B2B, market and the deployable networks market.


Ashton Gate Stadium

In 2016 as part of an Innovate UK project, Zeetta Networks partnered with Bristol’s Ashton Gate Stadium to deliver a Smart Stadium solution utilising software-defined networking (SDN) as it repurposes from sports venue to conference centre to concert hall and back again throughout the year. Zeetta Networks has benefited hugely from the open collaboration and insights from Ashton Gate Stadium, one of the leading innovators in the South-West.


Beyond 5G Smart Tourism

Zeetta Networks has also deployed NetOS® in two of the UK government’s 5G Trials and Testbeds programme projects to create “sliced” networks that partition, protect, and prioritise services to enable new revenue streams. These projects demonstrated the additional capabilities of 5G networks to sustain new and innovative use cases. The “5G Smart Tourism” project proved the ability to partition, protect and prioritise public safety and media streaming services in “hyper-congested” networks at major sports and cultural events.


About Zeetta Networks

Zeetta Networks has been shortlisted for multiple awards in 2019 including Global Mobile Awards (GLOMO), TMF Excellence Awards and 5G World Awards and was named a “Gartner Cool Vendor for Communication Service Provider Network Operations”.

In June 2019, the company beat 31 others to win ENGIE UK and Ireland’s “Big Pitch – Innovation Award” which led to a major collaborative project with ENGIE.