Mid/Senior Software Engineer - Java/Spring - Backend

by Paul Cooper |



About this role

Zeetta is looking for a software engineer who is passionate about disruptive and innovative technology to join our Engineering team. We welcome people from all backgrounds and we provide an environment that empowers team members to own end-to-end deliverables, with support for growing your capacity to address ever more challenging technical goals.
Our software engineering team is responsible for the design, implementation, testing, and documentation of the software in our portfolio. Role responsibilities range from feature design, implementation, testing, documentation, and delivery, to working with customers, product managers and field engineers to understand, document and implement requirements.

This role would suit a creative self-starter who is able to translate between the needs of the underlying network technology and the needs of the end-user, in line with our mission to simplify and automate the world of network infrastructure.

Our product is built on a microservices event-driven architecture that is cloud-native from the ground up. The codebase is modern with developers having the freedom to choose appropriate technologies that will fit the requirements. Very high coding standards are adhered to by involving static analysis, high code coverage and peer code reviews.

Key Goals

  • Design, implement, test, and document new features
  • Provide guidance to technology selection and roadmap
  • Understand and contribute to feature requirements
  • Collaborate with team to develop and deliver software that meets the customer need
  • Share knowledge and mentor when required to improve development standards


  • Java 11
  • SpringBoot and Spring technology stack
  • Kafka and event-driven architectures
  • Agile development methodologies
  • Linux (as a deployment and development platform)
  • API development


  • Microservices development
  • One or more databases (Graph, Timeseries, Relational, Document, Key-Value, Column)
  • AWS
  • Container technologies (e.g. Docker, Kubernetes, OpenShift)
  • DevOps, CI/CD development environment (Git, Jenkins, Maven, SonarQube, Nexus and the Atlassian tool suite (or equivalent))
  • Open Source software tools, libraries and development processes
  • Data Analytics and Machine Learning


  • Take ownership of problems, find solutions, and see things from a customer perspective
  • Desire to work in a collaborative team environment
  • Be fluent in both written and spoken English
  • Have a ‘self-start’ mindset and be flexible when working in a small company environment
  • Expect your role to have a direct impact on the customer and the success of the business


  • BSc/MSc, in computer science, computer, electrical engineering or related fields, or equivalent qualification and experience
  • 4+ years of experience in software development

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