Senior Software Developer

by Paul Cooper |



Zeetta’s Engineering team is responsible for the design, implementation, testing and operation of our software product. Our product is built on a microservices event-driven architecture that is cloud-native from the ground up. The codebase is modern with developers having the freedom to evaluate appropriate technologies to fit rapidly evolving requirements. High coding standards are implemented using static analysis, high code test coverage and peer code reviews. 

We are looking for a hands-on technical lead who is passionate about disruptive and innovative technology to join our engineering team. Technical leadership in Zeetta requires flexibility, collaboration, and excellent communication skills.  Good knowledge of modern technologies and architectural patterns and experience in developing complex software products is required.

We welcome people from all backgrounds and we provide an environment that empowers our team members to own their roles and deliverables.

Key Goals

  • Collaboration with Product Management and Architecture
  • Software Development
  • Creating Customer Value
  • Innovative development with efficient process

Key Skills

  • Java 11+, SpringBoot, Spring and Kafka
  • Desire to own problems and find innovative solutions
  • Strong collaborative and team working skills

See job specification for full details: ZT-05-404-003-004 Software Engineer – Senior and Team Lead