Realizing the Enterprise Collaboration Opportunity

by Paul Cooper |



White Papers,

The past year has presented challenges on a scale unseen for many decades. Around the world, we have seen individuals, organizations and governments face these challenges head-on and adapt to new, different ways of living and working. Throughout all of this, there has been one constant support: technology.

On an individual level, technology has kept us connected while we remain physically separate and provided a wealth of resources to keep us entertained, fit and in touch with those close to us. For businesses of all sizes, technology has been truly indispensable. It has been a lifeline, enabling organizations across all sectors to operate successfully with a remote workforce, facilitated global collaboration between teams and even created new avenues for revenue during challenging economic times.

Now, for the parts of the world that are cautiously emerging from lockdowns, it is time to shift the focus to the future. What is next in the enterprise transformation journey? What needs to happen to ensure that the momentum we’ve gathered over the past year is not lost as we return to normalcy? And how can we, as a technology industry, ensure innovation and adoption of new technologies continues at pace?

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