How will 5G transform industrial processes and what is Industry 4.0?

by Paul Cooper |




From our series of 60-second interviews

Industry 4 is also referred to as the 4th industrial revolution.

In this revolution, digital technology is added to the physical industrial processes of a business or enterprise.

Digitalisation includes adding new technology that is needed to make these processes more efficient.

New technologies might include:

  • Using the internet of things to collect and control data
  • Cloud computing to process data
  • And artificial intelligence to make decisions that improve the physical process

5G is an enabler to industry 4.

It extends the capability for data transport from legacy wired and wireless solutions to a fully cellular system.

5G has benefits over 4G with increased capacity and reduced latency as well as new functionality to slice the data transport layer.

This means the consumer benefits from greater network capacity and faster transport speeds whilst industrial enterprises benefit from being able to separate their data from other network data.


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