'First of a kind' - Zeetta Networks

by Paul Cooper |






Watch the Innovate UK’s video that marks the successful completion of the deployment of NetOS at Ashton Gate Stadium as part of the SBRI/Innovate UK project #971534 


Businesses, cities and network operators cannot prioritise their existing network bandwidth, leaving emergency and other key services at risk.

Moreover, it’s also expensive to build and operate bigger and faster networks.


Zeetta’s network operating system software can transform a network.

It uses intelligent software and virtualisation to allow operators to improve capacity, efficiency, security and resilience across a network.


Zeetta developed NetOS as a way of dynamically integrating large-scale and complex urban infrastructure such as energy, transport and information and telecommunications technology.

This project is part of the the Small Business Research Initiative (SBRI), a well established process to connect public sector challenges with innovative ideas from industry, supporting companies to generate economic growth and enabling improvement in achieving government objectives.


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