Ashton Gate announces stadium Wi-Fi from Zeetta

by Paul Cooper |



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Ashton Gate Stadium in Bristol has announced that fans will have access to cutting-edge Wi-Fi anywhere in the seats – a stadium first through software defined networks, and one that would have been impossible without the software development and expertise from Zeetta Networks.

Along with project partners Ruckus Wireless and IP-Performance, every person who enjoys the game at Ashton Gate – whether they be in the stadium itself, restaurant, bar, or concourse – will have access to unlimited and free Wi-Fi, enhancing the match day experience.

Paul Lipscombe, Head of Technology at Ashton Gate Stadium, said: “Our ongoing plans for enhancing the digital experience at our events has now delivered completely free and comprehensive Wi-Fi coverage for all our visitors in their seats, and we couldn’t be more impressed with the dedication of Zeetta Networks and their partners in designing the software that makes it happen.”

This technology is part of a wider project that we have been working on with Ashton Gate Stadium for over a year now, to bring our NetOS® software defined network to the venue as a platform for multiple vendors to build upon. Our vendor agnostic approach is greatly needed in technological advances as it allows anyone and anything, from the loudspeaker system to the tills, the heating to the security team, to be connected.

This first of a kind project, supported by Innovate UK, was revealed in October at our Smart Infrastructure 2017 event. Over 80 people came from across the world to gain an insight into how venues and infrastructures can be made smart through software defined networks, and live demonstrations revealed the practical and global applications of this technology.

Ashton Gate Stadium’s digital strategy will continue to push boundaries within venues and smart stadia in 2018, and we will be right there alongside them, empowering individuals as well as the venue to gain access to smart solutions through technology.

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