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Who we are?

Zeetta Networks spun out of the world-renowned High-Performance Networks Group of University of Bristol to commercialise the group’s leading Network Virtualisation & Network Slicing technology.

Zeetta is a software company that provides network automation tools that enable Enterprises and Managed Service Providers to build and operate their networks easily without escalating CAPEX and OPEX.

Our software products are based on open standards but with patent-protected extensions for virtualisation, automation and network slicing and splicing™.

Zeetta Networks is recognised across the industry for its innovative technology solutions and has been awarded several awards and accolades including the prestigious “Cool Vendor” title from Gartner in 2019.

What we do?

Our customers operate medium and large-scale heterogeneous private networks that provide connectivity services to thousands of devices and users.

We offer high-quality software automation tools that enable them to control, operate and monitor their networks in a simple, flexible, customisable and cost-effective way so they can optimise the utilization of their network infrastructure and deliver a better experience to their customers.

Our software transforms their traditionally static network into a programmable platform that allows better monitoring of devices, users and applications across the network, eliminates manual network processes and provides advanced security and cost savings, whilst also enabling the development of new revenue-generating applications.

Products and Solutions

Our software products simplify and automate network operations (i.e. network monitor, control and management) for enterprises and Managed Service Providers (MSPs). They are built around a state-of-the-art, network virtualisation SDN Controller called NetOS®.

NetOS® is based on the OpenDaylight open source framework but contains proprietary extensions (plug-ins) protected by patents. Notwithstanding its proprietary extensions, NetOS® remains an open networking technology that supports disaggregated open platforms and hardware (white boxes), which can reduce substantially the cost of building and operating a network (CAPEX & OPEX) by breaking vendor lock-in.

With its integrated network slicing and splicing capability, NetOS® is able to create the aggregate topology of all sub-networks (including mixed LAN, WLAN and private LTE/5G networks) and present on a single pane of glass the network topology across all network layers. This is a very sought-after feature amongst our customers who are able to troubleshoot problems in their network quickly across different interconnected domains.

Our software is delivered as a suite of licensed applications running on top of industry standard servers which can be installed locally (on-premises) or across the network into a public, private or hybrid Cloud infrastructure as a SaaS model.