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Recent projects

The journey

Zeetta Networks was spun out of the world-renowned High-Performance Networks Group of the University of Bristol to commercialise the group’s originally leading network virtualisation & network slicing technology

Zeetta’s experienced team, working in collaboration with others, have delivered multiple UK government and EU sponsored projects including:

  • 5G Replicate (EU)
  • 5G Metrohaul
  • 5G Picture
  • 5G Smart Tourism
  • 5G Rural First
  • 5G Victori (EU) – on-going

The above projects, combined with commercial engagements with stadium operators and others has created a team with the experience to build and deliver end-to-end solutions.

Leading this £9m project


The 5G-ENCODE Project, was a £9 million collaborative project aiming to develop clear business cases and value propositions for 5G applications in the manufacturing industry. The project is partially funded by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport of the UK Government as part of their 5G Testbeds and Trials Programme. The project is one of the UK Government’s biggest investments in 5G for manufacturing to date. Other consortia partners include the National Composites Centre (NCC), Telefonica, Siemens, Toshiba, Solvay, Plataine, Mativision, and the University of Bristol while the West of England Combined Authority (WECA) provides additional support through their DETI Programme.

Led by Zeetta Networks the project was officially launched in early 2020 and ran until March 2022.

The key objective of the project is to design and deliver a private 5G private network within the National Composites Centre (NCC) and explore new business models and 5G technologies, including network slicing and splicing, within an industrial environment.
Three manufacturing use cases would be demonstrated on the 5G testbed:

  • AR/VR to support design, manufacturing and training
  • Monitoring and tracking of time-sensitive assets
  • Wireless real-time in-process monitoring and analytics

This project was completed and closed on time and within budget in 2022. Read more here

Our future

Why Zeetta

We are a software company that provides network automation tools that enable Enterprises and Service Providers to build and operate mobile private networks easily whilst minimising capital and operation expenditure (CAPEX and OPEX)

Our cloud-native and on-premises software products are based on open standards but with patent-protected extensions for virtualisation, automation and network slicing

We are recognised across industry for our innovative technology solutions and have been awarded several awards and accolades including the prestigious “Cool Vendor” title from Gartner in 2019

We have an ambitious and exciting road map taking network slicing and automation to full levels of automation for users