Zeetta Networks and Colt Technology Services will reveal what is believed to be a world first Proof of Concept demonstration ‘Blockchain-Based Carrier Marketplace for LSO Sonata’ on 29th October 2018 at MEF18, demonstrating how network carriers can buy and sell network services in a secure, distributed and trusted marketplace. This will significantly lower the cost of business-to-business interactions for network service providers, and increase the size and efficiency of the market.

‘Blockchain-Based Carrier Marketplace for LSO Sonata’ will be presented by Nathan Sowatskey, VP of Engineering at Zeetta Networks, and Mirko Voltolini, Head of Network on Demand at Colt Technology Services as part of the Proof of Concept Showcase at MEF18.

Over a thousand attendees from more than 275 companies and 35 countries will be attending MEF18. The event empowers industry stakeholders with high-quality content, extraordinary peer-to-peer networking opportunities, and provides valuable insight into cutting-edge services and technologies.

You can learn more about the Proof of Concept Showcase here, and follow us on Twitter via @ZeettaNetworks.