Artists and Musicians Join Together To Reveal The Opportunities of Tomorrow’s Technology


In a global first, a fully immersive series of events of 17-18th March, 2018, in Bristol was designed to exhibit the increasing applications of 5G technology. Each display or interactive opportunity required access to high speed and reliable 5G connectivity, with differing requirements throughout the weekend depending on their schedule.

Zeetta Networks’ NetOS® technology was required to deliver interactive slicing of the 5G network in real time, giving each creative artist and musician the opportunity to access the 5G network when required…

The challenge

The Layered Realities Weekend’s programme of events, created by Watershed and Smart Internet Labs, was highly complex: bringing to life the varied applications that 5G technology allows from 3D projections to virtual reality (VR) dance, augmented reality (AR) historical tours to expert talks on privacy and inequality, the impact of 5G on the music industry, and how the technology will deliver physical, mental, and emotional impact for users. With a large geographical area that needed to be covered too, this proved a real challenge for the network which needed to service multiple projects with different network requirements.

The opportunity

5G offers the public and organisations within smart cities the ability for more bandwidth – so more data – and low latency, making it more responsive. The wide variety of complex events which comprised the Layered Realities Weekend required a highly multifaceted network setup, which is where our NetOS® came in.

Zeetta Networks’ NetOS® platform is an important 5G component to deliver slices of the network, allocating bespoke customised ‘views’ of the network to different groups, delivering data within milliseconds to make VR and AR synchronised with what the human eye and mind expects.

The results

Real-time 5G connectivity provides time-critical wireless delivery through high bandwidth low latency streaming, creating a truly immersive experience for the hundreds that attended the Layered Realities Weekend, and the artists and creatives could astound the public with reliable and reactive network slicing.

Vassilis Seferidis, CEO of Zeetta Networks, said:

“Layered Realities was a fantastic chance to take our technology ‘out of the lab’ and to the public who will one day use 5G as part of their everyday lives. As the leading smart city in the world, Bristol is playing host to a richness of virtual reality, augmented reality, 360 videos, and more – and our NetOS® technology is bringing it all to life.”

As well as support the activities, Zeetta Networks gave a demonstration of our own. The NetOS® demonstration comprised two views of the networks and devices: the logical connectivity of the connections, and the same connections overlaid on a geographical map of Bristol. This allowed visitors to see just how the hugely complex network could be sliced into simpler and more manageable views, where multiple tenants can only view and manage their slice of the network. The NetOS® user experience gave attendees the opportunity to see just what would happen if an unexpected device was connected to the network, causing red alert to appear.

For Bristol, the Layered Realities Weekend was just the first public demonstration of an exciting 5G journey that continues with the SmartTourism project, which Zeetta Networks is again providing the technological foundation for. Our NetOS® platform’s capabilities continues to bring the benefits of 5G connectivity to smart cities and to those who live in them.

The partners

Zeetta Networks worked closely with the University of Bristol’s Smart Internet Lab, and Watershed which organised the weekend’s artistic and creative activities.