Joan A. Garcia Espin, Director of Product Management at Zeetta Networks, has been interviewed along with Paul Lipscombe, Head of Technology at Bristol’s Ashton Gate Stadium, in “sb” magazine about our joint Innovate UK project: transforming Ashton Gate Stadium into a programmable stadium.

With never-before revealed insight into the project, the challenges that were overcome, and our visions for the future, the interview in “sb” gives stadia and other event spaces the opportunity to see just why programmable stadia will deliver a heightened and deeper experience for visitors – and provide internal teams with greater data insight and the ability to make more considered decisions.

The Ashton Gate Stadium project, supported by Innovate UK, was a first of its kind opportunity to develop a programmable stadium that answered the needs of the modern visitor. With increasing demands for WiFi, both in terms of speed and bandwidth, digital interactivity, and custom build networks for events, venues around the world need to advance their digital transformation strategies.

Infrastructure is a critical part of that, but without a system for managing and controlling that infrastructure, a stadium cannot maximise its use of the technology – and that’s where our NetOS technology comes in. NetOSⓇ is a network operating system that employs software-defined networking (SDN) principles. It allows total management of a network infrastructure and provides the network manager with unparalleled security, programmability and control, along with the flexibility to ‘slice’ the network and re-provision services on demand to specific groups of users. In the interview with “sb” magazine, Joan and Paul share how NetOS has delivered for Ashton Gate Stadium.

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Joan and Paul’s interview has been published in the fourth issue of 2018, available in print and online.