After attending the SEP Scaleup Summit at the Stock Exchange, London, Zeetta Networks CEO Vassilis Seferidis shared his insight as the CEO of a rising technology company.

What current and future trends highlighted at the SEP Scaleup Summit do you think are most relevant to Zeetta Networks?

Many participants and speakers talked about the ever-increasingly important role of communications in our society. The efficiency of the networks that carry our precious data and their secure transport, storage, and access is becoming a critical problem and a holistic and coordinated operation of all available networks will be a vital for the future. The ability of Zeetta Networks’ technology to splice and slice the communication network, on-demand, provides the enabling technology to make this possible.

What were your thoughts on the Martin Haemmig keynote, on Global VC & CVC Industry?

It was a really inspirational talk about the investment landscape globally. Martin is, indisputably, one of the thought leaders in Europe when it comes to venture Capital industry, and he has the ability to identify trends and opportunities earlier than many of his peers. In his keynote, he presented a wealth of data and analysis comparing the key western VC markets such as USA and Europe with those of the emerging markets in India and China. His message was quite clear: although Silicon Valley still dominates the technology VC industry, the next big wave of investment would be coming from Asia, and particularly China.

What do you think of the Scaleups session on Growth Financing Assessment?

That was a very useful session, with lots of valuable information aiming to address some of the key problems facing any fast-growing organisation like Zeetta Networks. The session focused on five key barriers that most scaleups face:

  1. Talent and skills barrier i.e. finding employees to hire who have the required skills
  2. Markets barrier i.e. accessing customers in other markets beyond the home market
  3. Leadership barrier i.e. building leadership capability
  4. Finance barrier i.e. accessing the right combination of finance, and
  5. Infrastructure barrier i.e. accessing infrastructure on-demand as the company grows.

What stood out to you in the deep dives?

The excitement and enthusiasm of all participants. The UK has many great scale-up companies and a strong and vibrant investment community. The UK is the leading recipient of more than one third of the European VC investment because of its unique ecosystem!

Who did you meet of note in the matchmaking sessions?

The event was well attended by investors, scale-ups, and corporates. I had opportunity to meet with several investors and potential partners including Cisco, Connexin, Orange, and Engie amongst others. I am looking forward to connecting with them in the coming weeks!

What impressed you about the SEP event?

Definitely the quality of participants, both from the investors and scale-up companies. Organisation by the Mind-the-Gap team has been great, and the hospitality of the London Stock Exchange makes all the difference.

As it happened, I was able to witness the public listing of a UK-based company (Amigo Loans) and it was a great experience to see the excitement of the company’s co-founders as their ticket (AMGO.L)  appeared for the first time on the trading screens of the London Stock Exchange. An experience which I won’t mind having myself in few years’ time with Zeetta Networks!

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