Thanks to our recent successful bids to be part of the 5G Smart Tourism project, and the 5G RuralFirst project, life at Zeetta Networks has got even busier than it was before! We have some exciting work ahead of us, and that means that our different approach to problem solving is expanding out to new challenges.

Of course, with success comes even more opportunities that we want to be a part of. We have received multiple requests for information, or RFIs, from service providers who have a problem and want to understand exactly how we would approach solving it. From a service provider’s perspective, it’s a brilliant idea: it gives them an instant snapshot of what technology solutions are out there.

From our perspective at Zeetta Networks, it’s a chance to share our unusual approach to RFIs – after all, there’s little to lose by trialling new ideas! There are generally expected ways to reply to RFIs, but we like to turn those expectations around, and solve the problem in a different way. These problems exist because of systemic thinking, and the best way to move beyond them is to approach them without the baggage of previous thinking.

We do not claim to know a prospective partner’s problems better than they do – they are living them, and potentially being limited by them every day. Because of our progressive and innovative work at Zeetta Networks we are already talking about those problems, and we have a better way of structuring the search for a solution. That means that in our responses to the RFIs, we can explore new building blocks and paradigms for answers, often beyond what the initial brief suggested.

It’s perhaps an approach that is innovative to the point of being disruptive, but when it delivers results, it is hard to argue with. It is the approach that gained us acceptance into the Telecom Infra Project, led by Facebook and BT; that secured us a £1.8m Innovate UK project to transform Ashton Gate Stadium into a fully programmable venue; and that gave the public a world-first view into what a truly 5G enabled smart city would be like.

When we push the boundaries of what is expected, it enables us to question at every point, never assuming, never continuing on from what came before simply because that was what was done. As we delve deeper into making 5G a reality for people and businesses across the UK and the world, it is going to take a different approach to problem solving to harness the opportunities that this new technology brings.

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