The Zeetta Networks team attended Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona last month where we were nominated for a GLOMO award, joined Facebook on their stand, and were invited to contribute to an exclusive virtualisation roundtable. We caught up with our VP of Engineering, Nathan Sowatskey, to get the lowdown on the biggest and most significant technology event of the year.

1.       What are your overall impressions, now that you have returned from MWC?

Barcelona, the home of Mobile World Congress, organised itself very well for the event, in a very holistic way. It was impressive to see how so many different elements were coordinated across public transport, hotels, ticket collection and so on.

MWC is enormous. There is no way to see more than 10% (if that) in any meaningful way. This means that we had to be very selective and focused in what we planned to do at MWC.

2.       What excited you the most at MWC?

Of course, I would advise planning carefully for MWC, but actually it was the random and serendipitous encounters which excited me the most.  The opportunity to meet key people at any time is simply the best part of the event as all the influential industry players are there.

3.       Is there a particular stand/company that stood out to you?

We were able to spend time with Cisco, which was really inspiring and productive. Watch this space for news [cue 5G RuralFirst]

4.       Zeetta Networks did not win the GLOMO award, but how did seeing our logo on the stage mean to you, alongside other industry giants?

We were extremely proud to have our cutting-edge NetOS® 5G network slicing technology nominated for the prestigious GLOMO (Global Mobile Award), particularly amongst such leading industry experts such as Huawei, Vodafone, and Cisco.

But to top it all our hometown of Bristol scooped the inaugural Smart City GLOMO ahead of leading other tech cities: Barcelona, Dubai, New York, Singapore, and Yinchuan. Zeetta Networks’ tech contributes directly through a global-first demonstration of smart city networking in the Bristol is Open project. Bristol is such a deserving winner, hosting projects such as Layered Realities weekend where our technology will enable another world-first, a 5G showcase of live, immersive arts.

5.       Which speaker/presentation impressed you?

Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to catch any presentations this year, I was just too busy talking tech. Our CEO, Vassilis Seferidis, contributed to an exclusive virtualisation roundtable which was well worth attending, illustrating why Zeetta Networks is a leading player in the field.

6.       Tell us about your time as part of the TEAC stand at MWC this year.

It was brilliant to be invited to contribute to the Telecoms Ecosystem Acceleration Centre (TEAC) stand. We won a bid to join TEAC with our NetOS® product last year, and therefore MWC offered a great opportunity to provide an update on the advances that we’ve made. The Zeetta Networks team appreciate Facebook’s support with the Telecoms Infra Project (TIP), and the day we spent in their zone was incredibly useful.

7.       Do you have any exciting plans for Zeetta Networks’ attendance next year?

Yes, specifically to be able to showcase integrated capabilities with partners. We can’t wait, and you can follow our blog and @zeettanetworks on Twitter for updates.

8.       Anything else that you would like to add?

We are very grateful for the support of the UK trade body Tradefair which helped organise our presence at MWC.

Finally, MWC is hard work. My advice? Drink lots of water, wear comfortable shoes, and smile a lot.

Thank you, Nathan for your update on MWC. Roll on next year!

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