During the conference Vassilis Seferidis, Zeetta Networks CEO, presented Zeetta Networks’ cutting edge NetOS® technology, in a workshop on ‘Managing Networks of the Future’. The Independent Networks Corporation Association’s 2017 conference on the 16th of November  focussed on advancing developments in ‘Building Gigabit Britain’ and informing national policy on the future of the UK’s network provision.

Vassilis said, “The UK has done well in the deployment of first generation and superfast broadband, but it lags behind all its international competitors in the deployment of fibre-to-the-home networks. The UK government is counting on the pure fibre network providers, so called Altnets, such as Cityfibre, Hyperoptic and Gigaclear to step up to the challenge of building a Gigabit Britain fit for the 21st century. Zeetta Networks’ NetOS® product enables software defined networks and associated open networking technologies to provide the network virtualisation and network slicing essential to enabling new more attractive business models which reduce risk and cost at the same time as speeding up deployment.”

Fibre providers are focussed on the national business case for network investment leaving significant gaps in service provision at a local level. INCA members create public and private partnerships to fill these gaps and meet the customers need for connectivity. This necessitates a new operating paradigm to enable these localised initiatives to scale up. NetOS® provides operators with the solution – network virtualisation and end-to-end provisioning capabilities that will scale localised connectivity assets to provide joined up global services across multiple infrastructure providers.

Vassilis commented on the recent announcement of the partnership between members of INCA, CityFibre and Vodafone, which marks a significant step towards a national alternative to existing network provision, helping to build ‘GigaBit Britain’:

“At INCA we presented our real-world deployment of the NetOS® platform to an audience who are desperate for technology solutions to effectively monetise their network infrastructure. Today our technology offers an efficient solution, delivering a new generation of “smarter”, flexible, high capacity networks instead of just more traditional dumb networks.”

Through partnerships with Ashton Gate Stadium and Bristol is Open, Zeetta Networks is already demonstrating these advanced developments in network virtualization and slicing.

Find out more about our real-world deployment of NetOS® at Ashton Gate Stadium here.