Our advancements to enhance connectivity in large venues and stadia around the world with smart wireless and digital technologies will be showcased at the Connected Stadium Summit in Amsterdam on the 7th and 8th November.

Since our inaugural Smart Infrastructure 2017 event at Ashton Gate Stadium last week, we will be continuing conversations and connecting with fellow peers at the Connected Stadium Summit to drive forward this move towards smart leadership in smart venues.

Our Marketing and Sales Director, Nick Randall, will be speaking at the event to share insight into how Zeetta Networks is pushing boundaries in open programmable networks:

“To follow on from our recent event in partnership with Ashton Gate Stadium, showcasing the real-world value of software defined network technology for stadiums and large venues, we are in gear to advance these innovations at the Connected Stadium Summit. Zeetta Networks is ready to revolutionise venue network operations at a management and business level, as well as for the consumer.”

The deployment of a software defined network technology like NetOS® will not only enhance the public users experience, guaranteeing speed and connectivity at peak times, but will also radically improve the overall management of network operations at a large venue or stadium, providing new revenue opportunities.

Nick Randall adds:

“The vast amount of data that can be acquired and analysed in virtual real-time with our cutting-edge NetOS® technology opens up a huge number of cost saving opportunities for any large business with complex and dynamic network operations.”

Examples of this technology in action were showcased at our Smart Infrastructure 2017 event in three demos: an app that allows hospitality staff to add new revenue generating network services to events, an automated mobile till enabling on demand point-of-sales, and a third party live view of their virtual network services.

At the Connected Stadium Summit, we will be revealing real-world cases for use of this technology as the solution for complex and demanding network operations at large venues and stadiums. We look forward to further connecting and collaborating with fellow industry leaders and experts who are also working to advance smart wireless technologies.

For further details on the Connected Stadium Summit you can visit the website here.