●      Zeetta Networks will showcase their innovative NetOS® technology at the INNOVATE 2017 event, taking place on 8th/9th November.

●      NetOS® platform demos and key applications will feature in the Innovate Showcase arena

●      Currently Zeetta Networks is working on an Innovate UK supported project to deploy NetOS® technology at Ashton Gate Stadium


Zeetta Networks will be exhibiting their ground-breaking NetOS® technology at Innovate UK’s flagship global innovation event on 8-9th November at the NEC in Birmingham. Delegates will have the opportunity to experience first-hand Zeetta Networks’ unique software defined networking solutions and virtualization.

Exhibiting in the Innovate Showcase area, the company will provide demonstrations of their NetOS® platform’s key applications to potential technology partners, investors and collaborators. The open programmable capabilities of NetOS® improve connectivity and enhance operational and user network experience, demonstrating Zeetta Networks’ longer-term vision as a key player in the emergence of smart infrastructure.

Commenting ahead of the event, Zeetta Networks’ CEO, Vassilis Seferidis, said:

 “In light of our recent winning entry to the BT and Facebook-led Telecoms Infrastructure Project (TIP), which validates the global potential of our open programmable NetOS® platform, it’s timely that we are bringing the first public demonstrations of our network virtualisation to the Innovate UK event. We are also working on an Innovate UK supported project to deliver a large-scale demonstration of NetOS® technology at Ashton Gate Stadium and visitors can chat to us about our smart stadia and 5G progress.”

Innovate UK awarded Zeetta Networks a £1.8 million project earlier this year to deliver a large-scale demonstration of the capability and commercial potential of its innovative NetOS® technology, showing the possibilities of managing a complex network infrastructure in a flexible, dynamic, and cost-effective manner. This is the first deployment of NetOS®, and INNOVATE 2017 will be the first time that a wider audience will have a chance to see the reality of what this technology offers.

Vassilis explained:

“Infrastructures that require the connectivity of tens of thousands of devices – from tills, display screens, sensors, building management systems, HVAC, and more – need a network that is flexible, proactive, and reactive. NetOS® provides this dynamic infrastructure in a cost-effective and efficient way, in a first-to-market offering that reconfigures network resources in real time, providing minute to minute data analytics that management can act on immediately.”

Zeetta Networks will be exhibiting on stand A902 at the INNOVATE UK event at the NEC in Birmingham, 8-9th November. If you are interested in seeing NetOS® in action and learn from business leaders who are adopting smart technology, Zeetta is hosting the inaugural Smart Infrastructure event at Ashton Gate Stadium on the 30th October. 

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