The second Festival of the Future City, set to be the largest public debate on the direction of our urban communities, is taking place over three days this week from the 18th-20th October, and Zeetta Networks will join discussions as part of an exclusive Big Data Roundtable.

This roundtable will explore leading questions on the current state of Big Data accessibility and usage across public and private, sectors and industries, concerned to identify the impact developments are already having and will have in shaping our society and the emergence of the smart city.

Our Sales and Marketing Director, Nick Randall, will be sharing Zeetta Networks’ expertise on the Big Data story, among other leading technologists and Big Data specialists at the forefront of emerging smart city technology.  Other contributors include Charbel Auon, board member at Future Cities Catapult, Stephen Hilton director of Bristol Futures Global, Alan Renwick chief executive at Urbs Media, and Eleri Jones from science-based urban developers Space Syntax. Other leading representatives from organisations invested in data innovation across sectors include law firm Foot Anstey LLP, the Food Standards Agency, the Centre for Sustainable Energy, the UK’s Ordnance Survey Mapping Agency and associated university and media centres.

Zeetta Networks will provide insight to the impact of adopting innovative software defined networking platforms like our globally acclaimed NetOS®, that both meets increasing Big Data demands and is a solution to complex operational networks.

Commenting ahead of the event, Nick said:

“The impacts of the present social movement towards a more technological, data driven, and automated landscape and economy are continually up for discussion, and I look forward to exploring the questions raised in this roundtable as we look to the future of driving a positive social revolution through technological advances, and here specifically at Zeetta contributing to the development of smart infrastructure that make people’s lives easier and better.”

As developments in new smart technologies emerge increasingly rapidly there is a growing concern to see more leadership on the political-level to handle these global changes – which is why we’re hosting Smart Infrastructure 2017. The Big Data roundtable is set to thoroughly examine the direction needed to spearhead the emergence of nationwide, institutional mechanisms on managing the emergence of Big Data responsibly, with thought leaders exploring democracy, risk, and regulation.

For more information about the Festival of the Future City events see here.